Ashes of the Sun is a Dark Sun Campaign using the 3.5 rule set. The material presented in this campaign uses official WotC core rulebooks and most supplements. In addition, all of the content found on is used and allowed. Some material found in third party d20 publications will be used and may be used by players with DM approval. The 2nd Edition material can and will be used only for information relating to the campaign storyline, including maps. The same is true of the 4th edition material. Players are responsible for having their own books or PDF’s in order to play. The more books or PDF’s you have, the more options you will have. However, you will atleast need to have a copy of the Player’s Handbook 3.5, the Expanded Psionic’s Handbook and have downloaded the most current version of the Dark Sun Campaign Setting from in order to create a character.

Ashes of the Sun