Creation Guidelines

Character Creation Guidelines

  • You have 3,000 experience points with which to make your character.
  • Generate stats using a 30 point buy system (See: Dungeon Master’s Guide, pg 169).
  • No ability score can be below 8, so consider this when assigning racial ability modifiers.
  • No more than 1 character of any race other than human will be allowed in the party. And at least 2 members of the party must be Human. This is to simulate the dispersion of the races in the Tablelands region.
  • You are allowed to use any of the core 3.5 books and anything found on Other sources may be okay, but must be permitted first.
  • Each character starts out with the ‘Hidden Talent’ feat (See: Expanded Psionics Handbook, pg. 67).
  • You may give your character one trait and one flaw (See: Unearthed Arcana, pgs 86 and 91).

  • For determining your character’s HP, at first level, take your hit die and add your con modifer. For every level thereafter, take half of your hit die, then add your con modifer.

  • Characters may not take more than 2 classes upon generation and if your character does, one of those classes must be your race’s favored.
  • Certain combat actions are resolved per the Combat Maneuvers section of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, pg 198.
  • You will be assigned starting equipment and currency upon character completion and approval.
  • Create a back story to your character and flesh them out. The more time everyone invests in the campaign, the more everyone will all get out of it.
  • Some race or class features may be modified for balance.

Creation Guidelines

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